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Tati Frank

A passion for personality

A passion for beautiful, approachable storytelling led us to photography, but it's our love of people that inspires us every day. We're Tati and Alex, a husband-and-wife team of fine art photographers who fall a little bit in love with every client. By crafting a peaceful, personalized atmosphere on set, we uncover confidence, illuminate individuality, and create a little bit of magic for everyone who steps in front of our lens.

After Tati's initial foray into food photography, we realized portraits (and people) ignite our passion and intrigue our artistic sensibilities far more than anything on a plate. We teamed up to tap into the authentic energy of unique people like you to tell exciting, real stories.

Timeless images inspired by everyday. Rather than photograph what's trendy, our goal has always been to celebrate the uplifting stories of real people. Our clients are women from all backgrounds, at all ages, in all body types—and they shine in extraordinary ways, just by being themselves.



Let's tell the world your unique story, starting with what makes you one of a kind. Our personalized portrait sessions inspire women to see and love themselves like never before.

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Is there anything as meaningful as new life? Pregnancy is a profound miracle, and it's our honor to capture it. Commemorate the moment with intentional, gently captured imagery.

Love story

Love story

True love is an adventure, each moment a special ritual. Immortalize the intimate bond you share, whether you're celebrating a wedding, anniversary, or just another perfect day together.

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Price and whats included

Each begins with a complimentary pre-planning session where we'll get acquainted, get inspired, and answer all of your questions. We love to meet in person and get to know each other better.

Fully guided 1.5-hour personalized photoshoot experience that captures your unique beauty in exquisite fine art photography.

During the photoshoot, we offer assistance with posing, ensuring you feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience. After the photoshoot, you will receive 10 delicately hand-retouched digital photos of your choice.

600 eur


  • - 1 additional delicately hand retouched photo - 15 eur
  • - Download all digital photos and up to 20 photos delicately hand retouched - 300 eur
  • Print:

  • - 10 printed photos in a beautiful fine art box - 100 eur
  • - 1 additional printed photo - 2,50 eur
  • Studio:

  • - Studio rent - aprox. 60 eur

Booking fee is 200 eur and acts as a non-refundable deposit to hold your post on our calendar. The rest of the sum (minus the booking fee) can be paid on the day of the photoshoot. Studio and makeup are booked separately and not included in the photoshoot price.

The experience

What's it really like to have your true essence photographed? Step behind the scenes and experience the magic of our intimate portrait sessions.