Experience meaningful storytelling through artful photographs, entirely catered to you.
Its all about you

It's all about you

Our approach is based on your experience. We believe each session should be as exciting, confidence-boosting, and fun as that amazing moment when you see the finished images.

Your comfort is our priority

You'll feel completely comfortable during your session. Fully guided poses and a friendly atmosphere ensure that, once those initial butterflies flutter away, you'll be at ease in front of the lens.

Your comfort is our priority
A personal approach

A personal approach

From start to finish, we keep things personal. Your consultation lets us get to know you on a deeper level, guiding the way we capture your qualities and illuminate them in photo form.

A look that lets you shine

Picking the right wardrobe for your portrait can be tricky, but we're always ready with suggestions. Once we discuss the shoot, we can narrow down some options that are right in your closet.

A look that lets you shine


These are the questions we most frequently receive from customers. If you don't see your answer here, contact us.

What's it like to work with you?

You'll be treated like a VIP from beginning to end. We'll begin with a pre-session consultation about your goals for the shoot and discuss how we can bring that vision to life. This includes things like outfit ideas and location.

On the day of the shoot, we'll begin with hair and makeup and review our plan together. The shoot will be fully guided (you'll never worry about "posing" correctly), collaborative, and fun! It will last for about one hour.

Approximately 5 days after the shoot, you'll receive a link to your personalized online gallery full of gorgeous images. Once you review them, you'll select your favorites for retouching.

I don't usually feel comfortable in front of the camera. How do I know the photos will look good?

Rest assured that your session will be a fun, encouraging experience that's fully guided and without judgement. You'll be led through poses not only verbally, but visually, so it becomes as easy as mimicking Tati's motions. Her years of experience posing women for photos means she understands the angles of the body, right down to your fingertips.

Each session is a celebration of you. We do our best to support you throughout the experience with plenty of encouragement and a lighthearted atmosphere. Once the first few moments of nervousness pass, you'll excitedly enjoy the rest of the session, jitter-free.

The women on your website look like they know how to model. I don't. Will my photos still look good?

Our amazing clients look stunning on our website thanks to their natural radiance (which you have too!), great lighting, carefully selected wardrobe, and image composition—but none of them are professional models.

Our shoots are fully guided from start to finish so you're never left wondering where to put your hands or what you should be looking at (among other things). Zero modeling experience is required.

When we provide this guidance, our clients feel confident and calm, so they can enjoy the session instead of stressing about how they look or what to do next. One look at our testimonials will reveal how high a priority comfort really is.

That's how we create effortless, expressive images. In fact, don't be surprised if someone says "I didn't know you were a model!" when they see the results of your Tati Frank shoot selects...

I'm also curvier / older / shorter / less confident than most women. Will I really look good in these photographs?

We love working with women of all body types, skin tones, ages, and confidence levels. The more unique you are, the more we want to showcase that. We've had incredible sessions with women from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

This session isn't about changing who you are, but celebrating that. We'll work with you to build up confidence and allow your best qualities to shine through the process.

Where will the portrait session take place?

The location for the portrait session will be discussed during our pre-consultation and confirmed once the session is booked. We'll pick the perfect place based on your interests, personality, and goals for the shoot.

Some examples are the rooms in your home, a favorite spot in nature, the streets of your neighborhood, or a rented space. Wherever the location, you'll be photographed in a place that feels thoughtful and helps us tell your story.

Are makeup artist services included?

You have options when it comes to makeup for your portrait session. We can make recommendations based on your goals, or you can find a makeup artist to work with on the day of the shoot and contract them privately.

Alternatively, you can do your own makeup or do the shoot without any at all. As always, it's all about you.

What should I wear for my portrait session?

Don't stress about getting dressed. When you book a session, you'll receive a full guide that will help you prepare for the photoshoot, including what to wear.

We'll work together to decide on an outfit that you feel your best in. If you have a favorite outfit in mind, you'll be able to choose exactly what you'd like to capture in your portrait.

Can I have a friend or trusted person attend the shoot with me?

We love when our clients bring someone trusted to accompany them on the shoot. This can help you feel more at ease and confident during the process, so go for it! Just ensure your friend knows they're on-site to support you without "getting involved" or interrupting the experts (that's us) from doing what we do best.

Will you use my images on your website and social media?

We'll respect your wishes when it comes to sharing images. We understand that portrait sessions can be an intimate experience. Some clients would rather share images with certain people, especially if they're using the photos as a gift or a form of self-care. Please share any restrictions or issues you may have with photo sharing in advance of the shoot.

"I’ve just relaxed and felt free to be myself!"

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Tati is more than just a professional photographer! She is creative, positive person with very personal approach. She make every photo shoot so special and joyful 😀 that I’ve just relaxed and felt free to be myself!

And that’s why every single photo she make is full of energy and positive vibes🔥 I highly recommend Tati 👌💫

Ksenia Kurkul-Witte