A passion for beautiful, authentic storytelling led us to photography, but it's our love of people that inspires us each day. We're Tati and Alex, a husband-and-wife team of fine art photographers who fall a little bit in love with every client.

By crafting a peaceful, personalized atmosphere on set, we uncover confidence, illuminate individuality, and create a little bit of magic for everyone who steps in front of our lens.
Tati Frank

A passion for personality

After Tati's initial foray into food photography, we realized portraits (and people) ignite our passion and intrigue our artistic sensibilities far more than anything on a plate. We teamed up to tap into the authentic energy of unique people like you to tell exciting, real stories.

Timeless images inspired by everyday. Rather than photograph what's trendy, our goal has always been to celebrate the uplifting stories of real people. Our clients are women from all backgrounds, at all ages, in all body types—and they shine in extraordinary ways, just by being themselves.

Meet the dream team

Working in tandem, we utilize our strengths and differences to weave a rich narrative with each photograph. Our style is ethereal and purposeful with glimmers of optimism. Our goal? To leave the world a little more beautiful—and our clients a little more confident.

Celebrating natural beauty. In a world of one-touch filters, we prefer natural beauty. We opt out of unnatural retouching in favor of ethical, real-world representation. Professional lighting and a supportive, positive environment can create results that don't require heavy alteration.

Tati Frank

It's all about the journey...

Our work has been featured in Delfi, Zmones, Prie Kavos, Stilius, and more... but the biggest honor is working with clients who place their trust in us. We're humbled to accept a chance to understand, illuminate, and photograph real people and their stories.

"After you receive photos, you want to book more and more new photo shoots"

quote symble

Tati and Alex are very organized, responsible and just pleasant people to work with. All the photos were shared timely and were really nice. The thing I valued most is comfort and control during the whole preparation and photo session process - you can be confident that you will be always consulted and supported to receive the desired result.

The only thing the guys do not warn you in advance is that after you receive photos, you want to book more and more new photo shoots. Anyway, despite of addiction risk, it’s definitely worth trying!

Elena Sokolovskaya